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Dubai is a very hot city and, nevertheless, it is not necessary to hide from heat in the room or on the beach. The city that was able to build a ski resort in the heart of the desert does not deny guests and in much-needed shadow, offering park oases for walks.

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If you are attracted by leisurely walks, we suggest going to Safa Park, reminiscent of the fantastic gardens and lawns of Versailles. A huge space, covered, despite the heat and drought, with unfading greenery amazes and beckons to spend the day enjoying the cool shade. The park economy is impeccable, and in the evenings it offers visitors a mini picnic with braziers and barbecue.

Wildlife lovers will be interested in the Ras Al Khore nature reserve, which from the nearby highway looks like a pink blanket covering the horizon. The main attraction of the park is a large population of pink flamingos living in a natural habitat.

For observation, powerful binoculars are provided, and if you need captivating frames, do not forget, will capture the camera with a good zoom and a suitable lens.

They say that watching the aquarium fish calms. Therefore, if you have disagreements with business partners, you can lose negative energy in a giant aquarium located in a shopping center. 33,000 species of marine animals and fish will help you restore balance.

Here, there is also a zoo under the water, similar to the deep-water gallery through which you enter the sea, and through the transparent walls you can watch the marine animals. Or go to the stands to see a show of dolphins and sea lions, and maybe even go down to the depths and swim with the sharks.

If you want extreme adventures without leaving the city, visit the Wild Wadi water park, with its numerous pools with high waves, 24 slides scattered in the park, the speed of descent from some of them can reach eighty kilometers per hour. So, if you are a fan of thrills, these entertainments are for you.

In the evening, accompanied by the Dubai escort ladies, it is worth ordering a luxurious dinner in the intimate atmosphere of the best restaurants, entertaining shows or spending the night in trendy clubs or at a disco. The city, an inexhaustible source of entertainment, the main thing is to choose an intelligent guide, to capture a good mood and a pleasant charming companion.

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Summer heat Dubai automatic classifies any water spaces, especially swimming pools, to the best places of rest.

Venice would lose some of its charm, and the exotic islands of tourists, if the gondola or light canoe disappeared from everyday life, reminiscent of the glorious past. 

As a rule, in descriptions for travelers pay tribute to restaurants, but for some reason they forget about cafes and teahouses.

Dubai is a modern embodiment of fairy tales of 1000 and one night, with its gimmicks, luxury resorts, Arab charm and an abundance of treasures.

Recipes full rest at all different, and by the way, here can realize any of them.

Dubai is a very hot city and, nevertheless, it is not necessary to hide from heat in the room or on the beach.