Gold and diamond city!

deluxe Dubai escorts

Dubai is a modern embodiment of fairy tales of 1000 and one night, with its gimmicks, luxury resorts, Arab charm and an abundance of treasures.

But in order to have time to solve them all in a short time, you need a worthy conductor, Scheherazade, who will accompany you in walking around the old city, discover the secrets of elite resorts and exotic Arab entertainments.

The place of dwelling of beautiful ladies is our agency, which provides the most honorable guests of the city with deluxe escorts Dubai, offering professional help to the most beautiful companions, personal assistants and charming companions.

And start your journey with the Golden and Diamond Park of the city, a real treasure trove in which, like in the magical cave of Aladdin, you will find the best jewelry and elite accessories of the extra class, precious stones, gold, silver and platinum, and gold bars for many millions of dollars .

In 118 specially created blocks, you can buy any jewelry made of precious metals, make multi-million transactions or order jewelry to your own taste.

If you are not tired of the blinding gleam of the gems, be sure to visit the Pearl Museum, which before the discovery of oil was the main source of income in the Persian Gulf. In addition to unusual ornaments and beautiful pearls worthy of the royal crown, the museum pays tribute to sailors and divers, a special exposition of the tools they used to collect and transport this precious commodity.

And as in every self-respecting Arab fairy tale, the most interesting thing always happens in the desert. So if you crave real Arab adventures, go to JA AL SAHRA DESERT RESORT the majestic desert resort, like a fairytale palace hidden in 3.5 million square meters of undulating sand dunes inhabited by local flora and fauna.

The complex is equipped with an equestrian center, which offers its guests exciting horseback riding, camel riding, training and spectacular expeditions to the desert at the best time of the day, at dawn or dusk.

An authentic Arabian setting, a beautiful natural complex that serves as a backdrop, elite escorts Dubai plus a luxurious modern VIP level entertainment center, all the necessary components for the most unusual adventure and relaxation that you can never forget.

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