Traditional Cuisine of Dubai

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Even people accustomed to the exquisite five-star cuisine, should pay attention to the traditional dishes of the country, in which they were lucky enough to rest.

For Dubai, this is a typical Middle Eastern cuisine and besides the maddening aromas and pleasant tastes, it is also characterized by helping to withstand the hot climate of the resort region.

This is an opportunity to satiate the body without overeating and feel comfortable in traveling around the city or the desert, on the beach and during active sports.

And although today Dubai restaurants try to please people of all nationalities, it is worth to taste some of the most famous dishes of this city, and to do a gastronomic tour not alone, take the help of luxury Dubai escorts.

Dishes and drinks that are worth trying.

Mezzet is what we call snacks or an aperitif, although its volume does not match the name. As a rule, served in any restaurant and consists of a large dish with pieces of meat, vegetables and various kinds of seasonings. Can be of various kinds, with pieces of cheese, seafood, or be completely vegetarian.

Hummus is one of the most popular dishes. A kind of chilled crispy cream, to which is added olive oil, salt and sesame. Served, as a rule, accompanied by snacks or lavash.

Tabule - if you are a fan of colorful salads, do not miss a tabula, a dish made from semolina, lettuce, parsley, aromatic herbs, tomatoes, lemons and olive oil. In addition to the refined taste, it is also very refreshing, especially on hot days.

Meat delicacies - if you are from the category of "predators" and do not imagine a day menu without meat, we advise you to try the mackt, mutton with rice in combination with various kinds of spices or gollerias, a combination of different types of meat, well smoked, grilled accompanied by aromatic spices.

As for desserts, the most popular  is an exotic fruit salad, pleasantly pleasing with natural sweetness, an abundance of flavors and soft freshness.

However, if you want to please a lady accompanying you, for example, from escorts VIP Dubai, or to cheer yourself up, order Le-Ge-Matt, refined donuts made from milk, salt, yogurt and honey. Or Umm Ali is a hot cake made from puff pastry and almonds.

And be sure to start the day with a cup of coffee in Arabic or the famous ginger tea.

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