Traditional drinks of Arabia

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Another culture is not only architectural values ​​and national holidays, unusual speech and foreign speech. First of all, this is everyday life, which includes food and drinks. And a close acquaintance with the tastes of Arabia should begin with them.

Traveling around the city accompanied by escort VIP Dubai, resting on the luxurious resorts and beaches of the ultramodern tourist megacity, do not deny yourself the pleasure of trying traditional Arabian drinks.
And start an acquaintance with traditional coffee or "gahwa", which is a sign of Arab hospitality and part of the dating ritual.

To make it use a classic Arabic coffee machine called "dallah" and small cups without pens. A hot, spicy and thick drink is usually served with fresh dates.
If the menu cafe you will find the name "karak-tea" do not hurry to refuse.

In contrast to the traditional European drink, it is stronger and more aromatic, although in appearance it looks more like cocoa.
Do not rush to quench your thirst with the usual mineral water or cola, better try refreshing yourself with a classic Arabic drink called "jelly". The drink is made from grape syrup and rose water and served with cedar nuts and raisins.

Street vendors can buy sweet with sourness refreshing "Tamar Hindi", prepared from a mixture of hydrated and ground tamarind, water, sugar and lemon juice. And during Ramadan, be sure to try a thick apricot drink "kamardin".

For those who care about their health and follow a diet, hospitable Dubai offers Laban and Ayran, cold drinks based on whey and typical for the region of yogurt. Especially popular among the local population is the "Ayran" ice cream.

And all without exception love a cold lemonade with ice cubes, lemon slices and mint leaves. Despite the fact that it is not strictly a traditional Arabic drink, it is recommended to drink it not only as a refreshing one.

The drink allows your stomach to adapt more easily to the local cuisine, good for heartburn and better than any medicine helps digest food.
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Charming young models will acquaint you with the most interesting sights and features of the city, show where you can taste the most delicious milkshakes, sweetened with dates, in which coffee shops serve cappuccino with camel milk and where you can drink a cup of the most fragrant tea.
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