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Recently, the Middle East has become one of the most popular tourist destinations. If earlier the countries of this region were closed to European and American travelers, today the situation has fundamentally changed. Moreover, the attitude of tourists themselves has changed diametrically opposite.

And the thing is that among the impoverished desert with its characteristic diseases and problems, the real oases of civilization have appeared. And as the most striking example of this should be called the UAE. Or rather, the most famous city, although it is not the capital, but occupies a dominant position in the Emirates. This, of course, is about Dubai.

Luxurious skyscrapers, fashionable hotels, luxury restaurants - all this arose in the shortest time where even the grass did not grow. The economic miracle was made possible thanks to the low cost of hydrocarbon production (mainly oil). And at the turn of the century, it was the United Arab Emirates that became the place of pilgrimage for very rich people. Famous actors, famous athletes, successful businessmen, kings and sheikhs - all considered it their duty to visit this pearl of the desert.

Accordingly, the infrastructure was developing rapidly. For example, today no one is surprised by the dazzling luxurious girls from the Dubai elite companions category agencies who speak different languages, wear miniskirts and refuse a burqa or hijab. Some 30 years ago it was impossible to imagine such a thing.

It was impossible to imagine some other things. After all, whatever one may say, the UAE, after all, is a Muslim country. With fairly strict religious traditions:

an absolutely complete ban on smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol, not to mention narcotic drugs;

a regulated daily routine, including 5 prayers (prayers), early retirement and, accordingly, awakening with the first rays of the sun;

exactingness to observe centuries-old traditions and customs, foreigners respect religious rules and local traditions.

However, over the past couple of decades in Dubai, life has changed unimaginably. Tolerance towards tourists from the authorities and local residents exceeds even the loyal Germany, France and the United States. In expensive hotels, guests can afford to drink their favorite beer, or even something stronger.

For quite some time now, girls from VIP escort in Dubai category agencies accompanying guests of the country have not surprised any of the locals. Of course, if both the host and the guests behave in the framework of decency. This is why the UAE is becoming an increasingly popular country among tourists. Moreover, the locals are distinguished by their hospitality, sincere and selfless attitude, a cordial smile and a willingness to give the last to even a stranger. Today's Dubai - this is not the dense, sun-dried desert, which he was literally quite recently. Now it is a real oasis, offering guests the highest level of comfort!

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