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There is in the largest city of the United Arab Emirates - Dubai - a very remarkable shopping and entertainment center. It's called Dubai Mall. It is clear that such shopping and entertainment centers operate in every major city. But why exactly do shopaholics from all over the world fly to Dubai? It's all about the local flavor and the incredible level of service!

More than 300 boutiques, shops and salons are located in a chic aristocratic interior. Moreover, the range of products offered is so wide that you can buy absolutely everything here, from clothes and perfume of elite brands to unique souvenirs and local delicacies! Is it any wonder that there are so many respectable people among the visitors of the Dubai Mall:

bankers and businessmen, accompanied by breathtaking beauties of Dubai escort ladies in dazzling outfits;

respectable gentlemen in expensive suits and socialites in chic dresses;

recognizable faces from the world of politics, show business, sports and cinema.

The very design of the shopping center gives the impression of chic and rich surroundings. And the level of service and comfort even surpasses any expectations of even a very fastidious buyer.

What else distinguishes Dubai Mail is its truly oriental hospitality, the friendliness and benevolence of the staff, and the unique local flavor of the goods offered. Only here you can buy clothes or perfumes from leading world brands with local notes that give the products a unique personality of the East!

Wealthy tourists cannot ignore the antique shops and jewelry stores, which sell luxurious items that simply cannot be found in other parts of the world. Well, and of course, you cannot fail to visit a restaurant or cafe, where you can taste the unique delights of local cuisine!

When visiting the Dubai Mall in the largest city of the United Arab Emirates, it is considered good form to be accompanied by charming VIP escorts in Dubai. Such a company is not only pleasant in itself, but also significantly increases the status of the buyer in the eyes of others and sellers. Moreover, the professionalism of girls from escort agencies allows them not only to smile radiantly, but also to provide effective assistance in choosing goods, act as a translator, and contribute to the successful solution of some minor or everyday problems and issues.

A large selection of Dubai elite companions, both oriental and European, at a very reasonable cost can be found in the catalog of our website. Most of them speak several languages, and their appearance, friendliness and readiness to fulfill any client's wishes is impeccable and absolutely not subject to any doubts!

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