Great trip to Dubai

It seems incredible, amazing, mysterious. As in the middle of the desert, a modern city arose with incredible skyscrapers, night clubs, casinos and luxury shops. And this - despite the fact that summertime of the year is preserved here almost all year round. By the way, precisely because of this, the local beauties of the Dubai escort girls category here look so impressive, striking with their unique national colors.

Not long ago, the territory of the United Arab Emirates was a sandy void driven by winds, dust storms and herds of wild animals. Moreover, the “ships of the desert” roamed these deserted places, and the Bedouins rode on horses. Everything changed about 50 years ago.

In a completely lifeless desert, a modern city suddenly appeared, striking the consciousness of guests with incredible colors. The most beautiful houses, rising to dozens of floors, modern architecture and landscape design - all this is in some surprising way combined with local exoticism.

One of the characteristic mental features inherent in the inhabitants of the UAE is the white color that is present everywhere. He is present almost everywhere:

    • white cars (as a rule - expensive brand jeeps);

    • clothing of light shades, made of very expensive materials;

    • white color of the walls of houses and public buildings.

White color is not a tribute to fashion - it performs a very practical role. The rays of the scorching sun burn black. On the other hand, the extravagant beauties of the escort services category of Dubay can strike with their unique color shade of the skin. No wonder oriental beauties are so popular all over the world.

But Dubai is also a very modern city. No wonder it is considered the main business center of the region. Very wealthy people come here. And they buy here gold, famous all over the world for its impeccable purity, unique Arab perfumery, which has centuries-old traditions, unique spices, for which even hostilities unfolded.

Well, finally, the Emirates - this is immaculate beaches, azure ocean and crazy hospitality. And very tolerant people, whatever religion they belong to .. That is why it is so nice to come to this country.

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Summer heat Dubai automatic classifies any water spaces, especially swimming pools, to the best places of rest.

Venice would lose some of its charm, and the exotic islands of tourists, if the gondola or light canoe disappeared from everyday life, reminiscent of the glorious past. 

As a rule, in descriptions for travelers pay tribute to restaurants, but for some reason they forget about cafes and teahouses.

Dubai is a modern embodiment of fairy tales of 1000 and one night, with its gimmicks, luxury resorts, Arab charm and an abundance of treasures.

Recipes full rest at all different, and by the way, here can realize any of them.

Dubai is a very hot city and, nevertheless, it is not necessary to hide from heat in the room or on the beach.