East is a delicate matter

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Do not be lazy and go on an excursion, climbing a skyscraper. The views from there are breathtaking, from which the breath stops. So immediately we recommend running to the observation deck. Photos taken at this height will be the best remembered, warming for a long time. After which you can visit the restaurant, here everything is nearby. At the same time, you will try the local cuisine, having arranged a feast for yourself.

In general, with such a lovely companion, be sure to stroll around the surroundings and enjoy the whole romantic atmosphere. Here she breathes at every step. Taste the splendor of architectural structures, from which draws a secret story. The main thing is to avoid huge crowds of tourists, so as not to spoil the impression of everything and not be in suspense.

We recommend the following locations, but you will have to adjust this list yourself: Burj Khalif, Dubai Mall, music fountain, palm islands, gold market, Jumeirah mosque, emirate towers, Bastakiya district, IMG Worlds of Adventure park, Meydan racecourse, ski complex Ski Dubai, water park Wild Wadi, bollywood Park and more.

The pastime will be unforgettable and most likely you will want to put it on repeat. Yes, and soon you will realize that to see the tallest building in the world, to ski from the snowy slopes in the fiery heart of the desert, to parachute over an artificial island, to swim with sharks in the huge shopping center on the planet and enjoy a sailing boat cruise make in one trip and in one place.

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Summer heat Dubai automatic classifies any water spaces, especially swimming pools, to the best places of rest.

Venice would lose some of its charm, and the exotic islands of tourists, if the gondola or light canoe disappeared from everyday life, reminiscent of the glorious past. 

As a rule, in descriptions for travelers pay tribute to restaurants, but for some reason they forget about cafes and teahouses.

Dubai is a modern embodiment of fairy tales of 1000 and one night, with its gimmicks, luxury resorts, Arab charm and an abundance of treasures.

Recipes full rest at all different, and by the way, here can realize any of them.

Dubai is a very hot city and, nevertheless, it is not necessary to hide from heat in the room or on the beach.