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Luxury models escort Dubai

We are rightly called those who are able to not only understand your desires, but to anticipate them, not just satisfy your needs, but to realize them with chic and charm, fiction and a fair amount of luxury. It is no coincidence that luxury models escort Dubaiis today considered one of the leading in all of Asia and enjoys well-deserved popularity among connoisseurs of luxury holidays.Have fun to the fullest, especially since here it is easy to do. Choose as many entertainments as possible.

First of all, take your precious time to the sandy beaches. Catch the tanning charge by basking in the generously scorching sun. A sexy beauty will loom in the background, which will add fire to the whole atmosphere. Or play volleyball, gathering a large company. But this is for outdoor enthusiasts.

On some of the beaches on weekdays, you can always count on a few tens of meters of personal space and incredible peace. Only you, the sea, the sun and a light breeze. Here, by the way, the complete lack of infrastructure. For many, it’s convenient to be “savage,” enjoying the fact that there is no everyday fuss.

Without fail, go on an excursion, climbing a skyscraper, for example. The views from there are breathtaking, from which the breath stops. So immediately we recommend running to the observation deck. Photos taken at this height will be the best remembered, warming for a long time. After which you can visit the restaurant, everything is close here. At the same time, local cuisine will have the opportunity to taste. We offer the following positions: balalit (the lower part consists of sweet and salty noodles.

Omelet, which is traditionally prepared only from eggs without adding milk), is placed on top; al-haris (boiled wheat with meat, which is cooked for a long time before evaporating all the moisture, and then stewed overnight in the oven); shawarma (you are given a good dozen options for its preparation and serve it, as a rule, in an unassembled form, leaving the choice to the client); Machbus (reminiscent of pilaf. Rice, meat, lots of vegetables); Pahwala (ideal with aromatic coffee); tabula; seafood and stuff.

In general, you are provided with a cultural program. And how to dilute your pastime, decide for yourself, because there is plenty to choose from. The main thing is that next to you is one of the representatives of VIP escorts Dubai. You certainly won’t be bored for a minute!

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