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You will not get bored with us! And you won’t think about what to do. But because Dubai luxury escorts will be with you all the time. And this will be the most ideal solution. First of all, we are very selective both with our customer base and with our models. Our service undoubtedly deserves the highest ratings, because we give all the best for one hundred percent. You do not need to think through each step, we are here to organize all this for you.

Once together, come off to the fullest. A beautiful city with a wide range of entertainment, a chic seducer nearby and a good supply of time - what else is needed for happiness?

First of all, take your precious time to the sandy beaches. Catch a tan by basking in the generously scorching sun. A sexy beauty will loom in the background, which will add a spark to the whole atmosphere. Or play volleyball, gathering a large company. But this is for outdoor enthusiasts.

On some of the beaches on weekdays, you can always count on a few tens of meters of personal space and incredible peace. Only you, the sea, the sun and a light breeze. Here, by the way, the complete lack of infrastructure. For many, it’s convenient to be “savage,” enjoying the absence of everyday fuss.

Arranging a desert safari is ideal. It takes an average of about four to five hours and is recommended to go on such a trip before sunset. This is a kind of journey into the very heart of nature. There is a wide variety of this fascinating pastime. And wherever, he is always associated with adventure, a dose of adrenaline and an unforgettable experience.

The most delicious remains in the end. As night falls, a weary caravan leaves for the Bedouin village. Having met by all traditions, here you will find a whole scattering of fascinating entertainments: it includes camel rides, belly dancing and the opportunity to dress up in national clothes and feel like a big sheikh.

Visit some cozy restaurant or cafe and try local goodies. It is delicious at every turn. And it is not in vain that Dubai is one of the gastronomic capitals of the world. Emirate cuisine has absorbed elements of different culinary traditions: Bedouin, Middle Eastern, Persian, Indian and some others. Everything is so appetizing that you can go crazy. Do not deny yourself such pleasure and try a little of everything. Elite escorts Dubai you will never forget, wanting to repeat again.

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