Why do people go to Dubai

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It would seem that the answer in the title is quite obvious. Year-round favorable climate, white beaches on the shore of the serene ocean waves, developed tourist infrastructure and a variety of entertainment industry - all this attracts countless curious guests. In addition, the largest city in the UAE, as if originating from nothing in an Eastern fairy tale, managed to acquire a unique atmosphere, its own attractive aura, and even managed to acquire a number of legends.

No matter how trite it may sound, Dubai is a city of contrasts. Here you can easily meet a real Emir or Sheikh, Crown Prince, a world star of show business. In the center of the agglomeration, where most fashionable hotels, chic restaurants and nightclubs are concentrated, world-famous celebrities meet almost at every turn.

Here, in complete safety, respectable gentlemen in the company of exotic escort girls of elite Dubai escort, striking with their exotic looks, or the usual European irresistible beauty and wealthy couples make the promenade. What attracts them so much here?

For most Europeans, Americans and residents of Southeast Asia, a visit to the UAE entails a lot of new impressions. It is all about the difference of cultural traditions, mental attitudes and the depth of combining a variety of habits.

A kaleidoscope of natural landscapes, a bright palette of exotic flora and fauna, the ancient history of these places very few people can leave indifferent. Ancient oases in the midst of a lifeless desert, palm trees on the rocks, millennial evidence of human habitation - it touches the mind, heart and soul.

But there are also a number of reasons why wealthy people visit the capital of the largest emirate of this extraordinary country. Often, wealthy people do not travel here for the sake of beaches and the sea. It is here that they find something that cannot be found even in prestigious native places of recreation:

    • unique souvenirs;

    • gold products;

    • aromatic compositions;

    • spices.

The largest city of the Gulf countries amazes the imagination of any tourist with an incredible abundance of modern shopping centers. The characteristic features of European capitals are mixed with local traditions here.

Ordinary tourists get souvenir crafts as a souvenir, as is customary in any other country. But the cost of gold products is much lower here than in the salons of European capitals. This is understandable, given the current prices for production, delivery and related costs.

It is not surprising that professional guide-interpreters from the agencies of the category escort top class Dubai will be able to suggest retail outlets in which tourists are not deceived too much.

In addition to gold products, jewelry and souvenirs, various incenses, aromatic compositions and spices of local origin are in high demand in these parts. Everyone knows that Arabs attach great importance to smells. And famous chefs and chefs often claim that real spices can be bought only in the UAE, and everything else is either fake or very poor quality goods.

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