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About gastronomic delights, exotic and original cuisine of Southeast Asia, no wonder legends. The inhabitants of these places for many thousands of years have created an amazing and unique culinary tradition. But even against this background, Singapore is striking in its uniqueness.

As you know, the taste and color of comrades is not. Asian cuisine can also be different. Someone prefers Japanese dishes, someone appreciates the Chinese menu, and someone - Indian traditions. Singapore in this sense is a real paradise for gourmets and seekers of new gastronomic experiences.

To begin with, this state is rather modest in size and has more than 20,000 catering establishments. And - completely different formats. Adjacent to the usual eateries, where you can enjoy local delicacies for literally 1 US dollar, there are chic restaurants, whose visitors are not shy about their expensive costumes and smiles of dazzling beauties from the agencies of the category VIP Dubai escorts, who enjoy trying exclusive dishes. Just because these institutions are located in close proximity to each other.

But as far as the filling of the menu itself is concerned, Singaporean establishments are really capable of capturing the imagination of tourists with their diversity and an incredible number of offers. The fact is that it was here that many directions and roads crossed. The national cuisine of Singapore contains the best traditions of completely different nations:

    • a reasonable combination of Chinese recipes, since most of the inhabitants of this city-state somehow belong to the most populous country;

    • Japanese traditions of weighted proportions, with a consistent, scrupulous approach to the comparison of the specific shares of ingredients;

    • Indo-Pakistani gastronomy, in its best implementations:

    • Malaysian, Thai and local cuisine (here called pennang).

And of course, Singapore would not be a bright representative of the gastronomic diversity of the Asian region, if it did not offer an unlimited variety of seafood. Nobody is surprised here by the fact that at the adjacent tables absolutely ordinary tourists who are traveling on budgetary principle, and very wealthy gentlemen in the company of charms of Dubai escort models dressed in breathtaking evening dresses, can help themselves. This is also one of the democratic and affordable "chips" of this place.

Is it any wonder that people from all over the world want to come here? And the travel industry, as well as a gastronomic exclusive, is one of the most important articles of the Singapore economy.

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