One night in Dubai

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A walk through interesting locations, a striking acquaintance with exciting stories about the unique corners of this city, an excellent overview of everything from the observation platforms is a short list of how you can pass your leisure. This is a place where there is always a choice of what to do and where to go. Night life is also full of amazing moments.

Famous DJs usually include popular sets in clubs, champagne flows in the bar, and the geography of the world population can be explored on the dance floor. However, most of those who come beckon themselves with uncharted strength unique sights of their kind.

For example, the national museum in the ancient fort Al Fahidi (here before your eyes you will see the fascinating history of the emirate from antiquity to the present); Sheikh Said’s house-museum (here you will learn all about the ruling Maktoum dynasty. You will also “touch” the beautiful traditional architecture.

And the decoration of the rooms of the Arab nobility will amaze you. In addition, you can enjoy a gorgeous view of the bay. This view opens from the second floor ); a musical fountain (one of the free entertainment. It is located next to the Burj Khalifa skyscraper. And as it gets dark on the street, everything is lit there with lights in symbiosis with the best music); ski resort (An ideal place for those who are tired of stuffiness and the scorching sun. It is also a good way to spend your time actively.

You can and should go skiing or snowboarding here, there are excellent cable lifts. Visitors are given not only appropriate equipment, but also warm outfit); Palm Islands (this isolated archipelago. The name speaks for itself how it looks. And it is surrounded by huge sand spits. It is also full of hotels and other types of entertainment facilities. So you still have to choose. We wish you a great rest. After all, with Dubai call girls it is real to realize.

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Summer heat Dubai automatic classifies any water spaces, especially swimming pools, to the best places of rest.

Venice would lose some of its charm, and the exotic islands of tourists, if the gondola or light canoe disappeared from everyday life, reminiscent of the glorious past. 

As a rule, in descriptions for travelers pay tribute to restaurants, but for some reason they forget about cafes and teahouses.

Dubai is a modern embodiment of fairy tales of 1000 and one night, with its gimmicks, luxury resorts, Arab charm and an abundance of treasures.

Recipes full rest at all different, and by the way, here can realize any of them.

Dubai is a very hot city and, nevertheless, it is not necessary to hide from heat in the room or on the beach.