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The largest city of the United Arab Emirates is striking in its versatility and unpredictability. Unlike most European, American and Asian cities, shopping in Dubai has a unique oriental flavor. Here you can really find absolutely everything that only the soul desires. 

Budget travelers go to local markets and small shops. And respectable gentlemen, who have the opportunity to afford escort services of charming luxury escorts in Dubai, go straight to luxury shopping centers of the "Lux" category. Fortunately, in such luxurious complexes the capital of the UAE does not experience any deficit. 

A visit to the largest shopping complex "Pearls of the Desert" is not a cheap pleasure. At least the fact that only one children's play area covers an area of 8,000 square meters speaks about its gigantic size. This is a famous place of pilgrimage for lovers of quality gold. Specialized stores selling gold products alone, there are over two hundred. 

In addition, on the territory of the giant pier spread a real paradise for lovers of quality and expensive shopping. In addition to brand boutiques and luxury stores, visitors will also find an entertainment program: 

• almost a dozen cinemas; 

• a huge theme park covering an area of over 7,600 m²; 

• a grand aquarium, especially exotic looking under the scorching desert sun. 

In order to get around the entire shopping center of the Dubai Mall, it will take, without exaggeration, a few days. 

Another place popular among successful businessmen is accompanied by beauties of the category escort models Dubai, respectable couples, famous people and even representatives of royal families. Its area is slightly smaller than the previous one - “just something” of 600,000 square meters. 

There are many boutiques and shops of the most prestigious and well-known world brands of clothing. In addition, a huge hypermarket of fresh products, including exotic ones from all over the world, is located on the territory of the center. But the main "chip" of the complex is a powerful cluster of entertainment. Only one snow-covered ski resort in the middle of the desert is worth something!

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