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Scheherazade's tale about how a certain sultan sought the favor of a radiant beauty is known all over the world. And how she fascinated the almighty ruler with her stories, and how he waited for the next night without lust - just to see her, hear this divine voice, admire this bottomless depth of eyes, fly into the sky with every wave of eyelashes.

But who said that this is just a fairy tale from the past? It is these incredible beauties of the high-class escorts models in Dubai that will fulfill the dream of a modern sultan! And he will be fascinated not only by fairy tales, but also by the beauty of his Scheherazade! We guarantee it!

The city of Dubai itself is a unique oasis, as if in a fairy tale, emerged in the middle of the desert. It has everything - a unique national flavor, an incredible combination of traditions from different eras, and the most modern technologies!

It is surprising that the city itself is not that big in size, even if it is the largest in the UAE. But how much is different here! Luxury hotels overlooking the ocean border traditional Bedouin territories. White SUVs compete in speed with camels. Local women of mysterious beauty compete behind the scenes with visiting charmers from all over the world.

However - stop! Who told whom and to whom that it was in Dubai that social events, various establishments and even expensive shopping stalls in chic suits and luxurious evening dresses should not be attended? Yes, of course, in this country there is a certain etiquette, a certain dress code and rules of conduct. But this is what our agency is for!

It's one thing to walk around an unfamiliar city in a foreign country alone. And it is quite another thing to go sightseeing, visit museums, exhibitions, restaurants hand in hand with a dazzling beauty. We, just, and propose to choose such a girl of the top Dubai escorts, with whom you could visit all the most incredible places of this unique city!

After all, any of them not only knows the "standard" set of foreign languages, but also perfectly understands how you can disarm others with your radiant smile and impeccable appearance, how you can make the status of a guest sky-high in their eyes!

Knows the city, knows the language, knows some secrets - well, how can you refuse such a guide? And after all the emotions that gripped you the day before, who would refuse a cup of real Arabian coffee in the morning?

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