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It is generally accepted that Dubai is a kind of modern artificial reconstruction of an ancient oasis in a dry desert. On the one hand, this is indeed the case. The largest, famous and most visited city in the United Arab Emirates has actually begun to develop at an incredibly rapid pace since the 90s of the previous century. But this region has a much deeper history, rooted in antiquity. And the Al Fahidi fortress is another confirmation of this!

Even local residents will not be able to name the date of foundation of this unique fort. They enjoy visiting this place, as well as tourists from all over the world. By the way, the uniqueness of this place lies, among other things, in its democratic character: along with ordinary tourists, you can meet well-known persons and quite fine gentlemen, accompanied by radiant beauties of luxury escort girls Dubai class, and representatives of the world elite.

What attracts such a motley audience here? The answer to this question is not easy. History lovers come here for new impressions of the ancient walls (or rather, of what is left of them). Connoisseurs of oriental exoticism will certainly appreciate this oasis and include it in their collection of wonders of the world. Culture lovers, of course, will not miss the National Museum located within these walls. But there are other attractions here, as they say, for every taste and budget.

These include, for example, the local tableware market. Seemingly ordinary kitchen utensils here have a unique flavor and incredible elegance. Or, say, the ranks of the spice merchants. Pepper, coriander, saffron - all this causes a slight disdainful grin in them. Hundreds of thousands of various grasses, tops and roots - but here a whole day is not enough to at least inspect all this variety!

The jewelry market attracts special attention of the wealthy. This is where, as if in the Sim-Sim cave, the eyes are blinded not only by the glitter of precious stones and precious metals, but also by the gorgeous smiles of girls of the high-end model companions in Dubai category, accompanying respectable gentlemen in expensive suits!

By the way, these radiant beauties are waiting for you in the catalog of our agency, placing them on the website. A charming companion is not just pleasant company and romantic emotions. Our girls are fluent in various foreign languages, know the customs and traditions of this rather complicated country, and are ready to assist in solving any issues. And all this - for a very reasonable price!

A visit to the ancient fortress of Al-Fahidi in the United Arab Emirates should be on the must-have list of every tourist! History and modernity, democracy and luxury, art and practicality - all this is concentrated in this oasis, blown by all winds and amazing incredible landscapes!

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