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Dubai can be safely called the most unusual and fantastic village. Growing up literally in the bare desert about 20 years ago, this metropolis, of course, does not have any of its own ancient history, cultural monuments and legends transmitted by generations. But in the short period that this pearl of the Middle East exists, she has managed to acquire a completely legendary status. It is enough to note the following facts: 

• it is here that the highest building in the world was erected; 

• here is the most expensive hotel on the planet; 

• The largest shopping center on Earth operates in the capital of the emirate of the same name. 

And, of course, the largest agglomeration of the United Arab Emirates is famous for its chic restaurants, which, in addition to the local sheikhs, specially come celebrities, royals, financial tycoons, luxury beauties of the class Dubai escort models, representatives of show business, cinema, sports stars and other "powers that be." 

Famous Seafood Restaurant appearing in all advertising brochures and guidebooks. One of the main attractions is the huge aquarium in the center of the hall, which is inhabited by exotic inhabitants of the water depths. The institution is famous for the original author's interpretation of gastronomic classics, impeccable level of service and astronomical prices. 

Legendary restaurant, located in the Burj Khalifa tower, on its 122nd floor. This provides stunning views from the windows. Among the guests of the establishment are entirely world stars, billionaires, charming charmer women of the category escorts VIP Dubai, ladies in luxurious evening dresses. The cuisine here is mixed but author and exquisite. Prices are at the appropriate level. 

There are also more accessible catering establishments that strongly recommend visiting the guidebooks. These include, for example, the Gold on 27 bar, located on the 27th floor of the same famous Burj Al Arab hotel, with truly stunning views and the widest variety of cuisine. 

Or one more, bearing the name "360", where, in addition to excellent dishes and stunning landscapes, you can enjoy the performances of stars of show business. 

In short, connoisseurs of gastronomic delights in the young metropolis of the UAE will not be bored.


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