Dubai Nightlife

Dubai Nightlife

If you are a music lover, then Dubai is the right place for you. It has the most vibrant and contemporary music culture in the World. Many leading international musicians call this city their home. With more than a hundred clubs and bars to choose from, Dubai is a great place to party all night long. Here are some great ideas to make your nightlife in Dubai more fun and memorable.

For those who love dancing, Dubai's alcohol-free nightclubs will satisfy all musical desires. From hip hop to heavy metal, you will find it hard not to dance the night away in this club. If you want to experience a new kind of music, there are also many live music performances happening almost throughout the week. These concerts are great if you want to experience something new. Other events in Dubai's nightlife include theme parties, such as Jazz Night, which are theme based and incorporate jazz, pop, traditional Indian dances, reggae, rock, and traditional Arabic music.

The food in Dubai is delicious and one of the best attractions of the city. From local cuisines to Western delights, there is something available for all tastes. The nightlife here is quite dynamic, with hip hop, R&B, and pop being mainstays of the nightlife scene. There are also some great Asian eateries that serve some exotic foods.

If you love Hip Hop, then Dubai's nightlife has got it all. Located in Old Dubai area, many clubs have a section dedicated to this genre. Some of the popular ones are Maxster in Bur Dubai, Audio in Sharjah and Audio in Jumeirah. However, if you really love the real thing, then head down to Souk Madinat Jumeirah for some great hip hop. There are clubs that are solely dedicated to this genre as well. So no matter what kind of music you love, you will find something to enjoy in Dubai.

For a real taste of traditional Arabic music, you can head to Madinat Jumeirah. There are three places here where you can hear this music first hand. One is called the souq al-mal, which is open to all public and is home to a large number of locals and foreigners. Another is Madinat Bazaar, which is quieter and more secluded. The third is a small place named Housh which is exclusively for locals only where one can enjoy traditional Arab music played by the men for hire.

Dubai has one of the biggest Christian populations in the world. There are a variety of activities taking place in the evening during Christian festivities. Many churches host events on Christmas and New Year Eve where people come out to watch fireworks and to party. If you want to experience the culture a bit better, you can join in with the festivities or watch from the comfort of your hotel balcony. Most hotels offer balcony access on their balconies, so you can enjoy the sun and the fireworks show while hearing some good Christian music.

Outside of the Christian community in Dubai, there are many other groups that also have nightlife to offer. For example, there are all types of Dubai tour companies that host cocktail parties in their hotels. Many of them are located in the wealthy Emirates around the city. For those interested in having a bit more fun, they might want to consider going to a pub or club in one of these areas.

One of the most popular Dubai nightlife activities is called "taaboos". This is when a group of locals go out to dinner and drinks with their friends. These are known to be very inexpensive so you won't spend much money at all on your trip. Some of the better taboos can be found around Sharjah, Al Maktoun, and Emirates Hills.

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