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Everyone knows that the city of Dubai is a real oasis in the middle of a dry desert. But in this classic oasis - in the literal sense of the term - there is another oasis! Moreover, striving to heaven! This, of course, is about a luxury hotel of the luxury class called Burj Al Arabi. This is a favorite vacation spot for the elite public:

local sheikhs;

millionaires and celebrities from all over the world;

bankers and respectable gentlemen, accompanied by luxurious beauties of the high-class escort ladies in Dubai;

athletes, artists, representatives of the "golden youth". The hotel, located on the high seas, is often called the "Sail" because of the characteristic architectural form of the building. It has been recognized as the best in the world more than once in terms of service level, infrastructure development, and a variety of options for recreation and entertainment.

Burj Al Arabi houses luxurious restaurants and banquet halls, luxurious hotel rooms and luxury boutiques, spectacular viewing platforms, cinemas and concert halls.

But perhaps the most unusual feature of the hotel is the tennis court located on the roof of the hotel at an altitude of 321 meters. It has been converted from a former helipad. In 2008, the most unusual tennis match between Roger Federer and Andre Agassi took place here. The stars of world tennis have never been so close to the stars in the literal sense.

Almost the entire world elite gathered to watch this spectacle, from royalty to millionaires in the company of dazzling beauties of the Elite escorts Dubai category, the best representatives of which are widely represented in the catalog of our agency.

Well, and a kind of "cherry on the cake" will be a visit to the observation deck adjacent to the tennis court, from which fascinating views open up, leaving in the memory of any tourist a truly indelible impression!

However, it is almost impossible to tell about all the advantages of "Sails". They can only be appreciated by seeing with their own eyes. True, only very wealthy people can do this ...


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