Days of international races in the desert

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So it coincided that the Catholic Easter and the five-day international motocross in the desert, for many years now passing to Dubai, almost coincide in time. Therefore, the month of April in the city, which is called the sports capital of the Middle East, will be truly hot and full of events.

And, despite the dominant religion in the country, guests wishing to celebrate the Holy Week can visit the open Catholic churches in order to pay homage from their homeland to respect the traditions of their ancestors.

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Well, the highlight of the month will be the next five-day motocross Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge through an impressive desert terrain, where, to conquer the majestic dunes, the best motorcycle racers and specialized modern equipment will go. As always the spectators are waiting for an impressive spectacle, and the world is the new names of champions.

For those who are far from motorsport and are not ready to visit the famous rally the international tourist center offers a lot of other equally exciting entertainments. Relax in the vibrant sports and leisure center of Dubai, visit the peaceful oasis city of Al Ain, travel to the attractive mountains of Hajar, ancient forts and archaeological curiosities, specialized diving grounds and the world’s best relaxing beaches.

Magnificent hotels and resorts offer a luxurious year-round base for sun worshipers, traditional bazaars and modern shopping centers create a paradise for shoppers. And it does not have to be a driver to experience the full range of thrills. Standing at the crossroads of Asia, Europe and Africa, the cosmopolitan center offers world-class venues for tennis and rugby, motorboat racing or horse racing.

Add to this list a climate that is characterized by endless hours of sunshine, the perfect company that is provided by elite escorts Dubai. And also unique spectacular events and a fantastic combination of modern architecture and a natural complex and you will understand what it means, the best conditions and why a holiday in Dubai is called unforgettable.

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