Adventures above and below the water!

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There is an opinion that fairy tales and adventures in this life are created exclusively for children and teenagers. However, Dubai would not have been the most significant international tourism center, had it not been for inventing fabulous adventures for an adult audience. In this city similar to the ancient legend, you can find not only the princess, using the services of deluxe escotrs in Dubai, but also to visit the lost Atlantis, visiting the ancient ruins in one of the most colorful water parks in the world.

And if you are a driver, even if inexperienced, and a fan of thrills, Aquapark in abundance will provide you with both, not counting the pleasant bonuses as a gift.

Start your journey in the underwater kingdom of the mysterious Atlantis, where among the ancient ruins you can see a colorful angelfish and sea butterflies, feed sharks from the hand or meet an important fish Napoleon. Visit the Dolphin Bay to swim and chat with these sensible sea animals or take a picture with the friendly sea lion on the Aquarium's same pier. And if you still do not have the thrill, go on a safari to the shark lagoon or to the dizzying rides of the water world.

Do you consider yourself brave? Then you will not be frightened by a sharp vertical descent, at a speed of 60 km / s at an attraction called Poseidon's Revenge or a wild ride on the largest water slide in the world with the overcoming of a dark spiral tunnel. And if that's still not enough, make a Faith Jump from the height of the 9-storey Neptune Tower or an unusual trip through the center of the Tower, which ends in a pool filled with sharks.

Relax from an overabundance of thrills on the private beaches of Atlantis or visit the Asian Republic, a specialized center where you can enjoy the rich cooking of the East in an atmosphere of unusual colors and scents. Try a dish of real Thai noodles with the accompaniment of salty, sweet and sharp notes of tamarind, shrimp, eggs and bean sprouts. Sear the shrimp Vasabi with mango sauce and many other classic Asian dishes cooked within a few minutes after ordering.

Or, accompanied by a beautiful stranger from supermodels escort Dubai, book a sumptuous dinner in Ossiano, a restaurant on the very bottom of Atlantis. Under the sound of waves and live music, the most delicious seafood dishes and original cocktails are served here. Each cocktail is a mixture of fine alcohol, freshly squeezed juice, fresh figs, fragrant basil, exotic hibiscus and special ingredients that provide light notes of lavender.

After, when the sun is rolling over the horizon, you will realize that this was one of the most remarkable adventures.

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