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Representatives of the stronger sex, as a rule, do not like to go shopping, while remaining great businessmen, who know how to sell, and buy with profit for themselves. But if you were lucky enough to visit Dubai in January, shopping can not be avoided, as it’s hard to ignore the most famous Shopping Festival in the world.

And if you need a personal assistant, or rather a charming assistant to visit this grand event, order escort services and start the most fascinating journey to second-best shopping in the world after New York.

Winter Dubai is not only charming, but also profitable. Until the end of the month the most famous brands represented in the city offer fantastic discounts, which reach 70%.

In parallel to the luxurious sales, self-respecting shopping centers conduct fast lotteries, where both locals and tourists can win everything from small trinkets, fashion accessories, money and cars.

In this month the city from the busy turns into a solid colorful fireworks, offering guests a variety of entertainment, concerts, cultural events and water shows.

Before this massive excitement it is difficult to resist, but even if you are not interested in buying, you should definitely visit a place called Global Village, a village that is the entertainment center for the time of the Trade Festival. In a thousand commercial tents and open pavilions, you will prepare any dish, any cuisine of the world, including unsurpassed sweet desserts.

And as entertainment you will find concerts of local and visiting stars, moto and autoshow, and a dozen of unique performances from world-class circus artists to dance groups.

Compared with dank Europe, January in Dubai this year is gambling and hot and can become even more memorable with escort girls. Agree, it is the beautiful woman who next attaches a zest to any event.

And our girls do not only shine with beauty and intelligence. They will certainly help out in situations where an interpreter is needed, an assistant when choosing both stores and purchases. When you need to book tickets for a concert or call a taxi or choose a trendy club for a night party.

Be sure to call if you do not know the city and you need a charming assistant to brighten up your loneliness, make a company for the time of business meetings or simply turn your holiday into something exciting, vivid, interesting and memorable.

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