The wonderful holiday

New Year in Dubai!

New Year’s holidays — perhaps the most fabulous, amazing and romantic time of the year. And, this applies not only to children, but also to adults, and even to gray-haired wise men. It’s no wonder that almost every person will want to leave from this wonderful holiday the brightest impressions and favorable memories that would last a whole year.

This explains the fact that recently, more and more fashionable way of spending New Year’s holidays is not trivial gatherings at the festive table with champagne, olive and mandarins that are full of chubby. Where unusual, sometimes even extreme methods look more interesting.

One of them may well be a trip to the New Year in Dubai. Especially if a visit to this truly fabulous, fantastic city takes place accompanied by a beauty from the eastern fairy tale from a specialized agency of the class Dubai elite escort, which will take on the functions of a guide-interpreter and a personal guide.

New Year’s contrasts of Dubai

Of course, who is in the largest city of the United Arab Emirates in winter, the most vivid impression is the weather. Even hitting here, it is with great difficulty that you realize that the New Year can be found surrounded by flowering palms, a gentle warm sea, under a hot sun.

However, not only sunbathing and water procedures in the open air bring a sense of fairytale contrast to the trip. During the Christmas and New Year’s festivities, the city offers a diverse entertainment program:

  • — excursions to historical places;
  • — a lot of cultural events: concerts, exhibitions, a variety of shows;
  • — multi-faceted shopping.

Understand all this diversity is not so simple, especially not knowing the language, local customs and traditions. That’s where the girls from escort services Dubai services come to the rescue. They perfectly speak several foreign languages, are always aware of all the important events held in the city, perfectly oriented in it.

They are able to organize an excursion on an individually developed program, suggest how to behave in this or that situation, recommend the best hotels, restaurants, shops. Thus, the New Year’s fairy tale will coexist peacefully with the oriental fairytales of Scheherazade.

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