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Dubai: a universal open-air museum

Dubai is not only an economic, industrial and transportation center of the United Arab Emirates, but also a cultural one. The number of noteworthy sights of a different kind is such that the locals themselves proudly call their metropolis «an open-air museum». And such a definition, of course, has the full right to exist.

Openness, hospitality and cosmopolitanism

Unlike many other Arab cities, Dubai enjoys the reputation of the most secular, hospitable and cosmopolitan metropolis of the region. It is noteworthy, for example, that the city has Dubai call girls agencies that provide services for beauty guides who know several foreign languages, who have full information about notable places that can develop an individual excursion program. And this can not be found in every Muslim city!

And there really is something to see in Dubai:

  • futuristic architecture of modern skyscrapers;
  • historical monuments and museums;
  • numerous shops and shops with local original color grand entertainment centers;
  • theaters, concert halls, a variety of cultural events.
  • In addition, travel agencies and excursion bureaus offer tourists a wide variety of sightseeing programs.

    Touch the depth of centuries

    From around the world, tourists come not only for the sake of beach holidays, swimming in the sea or in search of adventure. Lovers of history here are waiting for the fascinating excursions and real sensational discoveries. Among the main historical monuments are the following:

  • a village of pearl fishermen, from which the city began, which can be reached free of charge and personally observed by pearl hunters;
  • the ancient fort of Al-Fahidi, which managed to visit its history as a defensive structure, a prison, and a national museum;
  • the so-called House of Heritage, where in the smallest detail it is possible to get acquainted with the traditions, customs and way of life of local residents and their ancestors.
  • Especially colorful looks such an excursion in the company with a local beauty from the agency class escort Dubai. Such a professional guide-interpreter will amaze the guest not only with a radiant smile, but with deep knowledge of history, mental features of the country, the ability to take into account all the preferences and wishes of the guest, having developed for him an individual cultural program of visiting this amazing and mysterious city!

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