Preferring exotic places

New Year’s fairy tale of Dubai

When it comes to celebrating Christmas and New Year holidays outside their home borders, financially well-off traditionally mean cities like Paris, Milan or London. Sometimes this list is supplemented by the cities of Egypt or Turkey. Of course, there is also a certain caste of people who tend to meet the New Year holidays in extreme conditions, preferring exotic places of rest.

It is to this caste that you can refer those tourists who are sent to meet the change of the annual calendar in Dubai. Moreover, the largest city of the United Arab Emirates — this recognized industrial, transport and cultural center of the Middle East — hospitably opens its arms to tourists from any country, regardless of color, religious beliefs, preferences and hobbies.

Moreover, a trip to Dubai can enrich the tourist with truly unforgettable impressions, full of bright colors and unusual contrasts. Especially if such a visit is accompanied by a charming beauty from a class agency Dubai elite escort, not only perfectly mastering several foreign languages, but also familiar with metsnym traditions, customs and features of life.

The sun instead of snow, palms instead of Christmas toys

It is worth starting, perhaps, with the obvious. Most residents of the northern latitudes  can not even imagine, in the most vivid dream, that the new year can be met in the heat of forty degrees, under the scorching sun, surrounded by flowering palms, while bathing at the same time the temperatures of fresh milk. In Dubai, this is possible.

In addition, it is under the Christmas and New Year in this largest megacity of the Persian region, in accordance with the state-adopted tourist concept, the cultural and entertainment program is becoming more active. Guests of the Arab country are waited here for a wide variety of activities:

  • — Concerts and various cultural events;
  • — unique shopping with local flavor;
  • — fascinating tourist excursions, fully satisfying the interests of history lovers, world culture, ethnography.

Undoubtedly, such a variety of palette blossoms even more vivid colors, accompanied by a dazzling beauty from specialized agencies Dubai VIP escorts, which are able not only to organize an exotic New Year’s adventure in the roasting sun in winter, but also to conduct an exclusive excursion, taking into account all the wishes, interests and preferences of the expensive the guest.

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