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Dubai: all the secrets of the eastern fairy tales

A trip to the exotic, mysterious and fabulous Dubai for tourists is often fraught with certain difficulties. The point here is not even in the range of travel and not in an unusually hot climate.

Despite its «secularity» and reputation as the largest financial, industrial and tourist center of the United Arab Emirates, it is still the East, with its customs, traditions and norms of conduct.

How to get to know Dubai better

The official program for visiting Dubai, offered by travel agencies and tour offices, is usually quite scarce. On the other hand, if a tourist travels as a «savage» and develops an excursion program on his own, he runs the risk of getting into an embarrassing situation, which can be caused by various factors:
— ignorance of the city and language;
— ignorance of local traditions, customs and mentality;
— issues of acclimatization and adaptation to local climate conditions.

Avoid troubles of this kind will help professional guides from agencies such as call girls Dubai — charming companions, ready to take care of all the guest’s stay in a completely unfamiliar country!

All the beauties of Dubai

Contrary to popular belief, Dubai is not a sun-scorched desert on the beach, but a living oasis. It is quite a fashionable, respectable and comfortable city for living.

A large number of historical and cultural sights are located in the megacity and its environs. In addition, there is a considerable number of very noteworthy museums, galleries, concerts, exhibitions and other various cultural events are held regularly.

A dazzling beauty from Dubai escorts is able to play the role of not only an interpreter, but also a qualified guide. She will gladly develop a safe and rich individual excursion program, taking into account all the preferences of the guest.

She will tell you what important events and events are held in the city today. She will dedicate the companion to all the mysteries and riddles of the East, acquaint him with local colorful customs and exotic cuisine.

Thus, a visit to the largest city of the UAE does not reduce to a banal sleep on the sand under the hot sun and splashing in the waters of the coastal strip. All the beauty of Dubai in the society of a dazzling beauty — what else can a traveler from such a distant  dream of!

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