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When the city appears at the intersection or at least at a significant voltage of flows, civilizational force destines it to rapid flowering, but this development could easily become the decline, when civilization is raised to a new stage of development, and that was her life force, is now lost its value completely or it becomes only a special case of a new civilizational paradigm.

However, not all the major cities in the past waiting for the decline with the development of civilization — some just get a new impetus for further development. One such city is Dubai, attracting the life currents of modern civilization to which the offer, including, call girls Dubai. However, it was not always — before a major factor in civilization moves were trade routes and travelers seeking to discover new lands, new sources of resources and new markets.

Here, too, it turned out to Dubai in its place, being at the crossroads of trade and land routes, and at the same time being both important trade and transit point. With the development of civilization, trade routes have become «one of the» ways of determining the movement of civilization resources — were added and were significant factors in such things as oil and its derivatives as well as financial flows.

But even with this in mind Dubai escort change has rightly become one of the most important factors ensuring the relentless momentum of both new flows — now in Dubai in addition to traders and travelers flocked delegation of companies that have been resolved through negotiation with opponents or competitors financial issues of their companies, played a role and oil, centered cycles proved Arabic Dubai.

Today, right before our eyes there is another civilizational change to the main channels of civilizational interaction join tourist flows. The present level of technological development promotes the release of a large amount of free time and people naturally try to spend it on a vacation. Including tourism in distant exotic countries and are Dubai escort girls are very necessary, because the increase in tourist flows in great need of expanding the scope of services, including such all over the world are quite specific, but the demand for them from it is not reduced today and in the future will only grow.

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