Restaurants in Dubai

Given that Dubai welcomes tourists from all over the world, it's no surprise that its fusion restaurants are very popular with guests. 

The experimental style, the combination of elements of different cultures and gastronomic traditions in each dish invariably attract those who want to explore the original fusion of Europe and Asia, the East and the West in the interpretation of the best chefs of the entertainment megapolis. 

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Reminds the rafting of an English tavern with a French cafe. Wishing to please the tastes of both, offers a combined menu, popular on both sides of the English Channel. Here you can order French fries with onion soup and homemade burgers with truffles and brie cheese. 


Ideal for intimate conversation in a romantic setting, accompanied by Indo-European dishes. The menu combines the appetizing spices of northern India with European culinary techniques. Especially for lovers is a delicate pastry made of pumpkin, which melts in the mouth and a juicy duck breast with cinnamon and caramel apple sauce. 


Probably not the most popular fusion restaurant in Dubai from the master of the fashion blend of tastes Nobu Matsuhisa. The sumptuous Japanese-Peruvian menu attracts no less than the opportunity to meet celebrities of the highest rank who turned the restaurant into a place of pilgrimage for guests from all over the world. 

In the performance of the master of the international level, you can try grilled shrimp with chili and shiso sauce, lobster with lobsters and a starry dish of the master black cod with yuzo miso. 


An elegant restaurant from the floor to the ceiling decorated in golden colors pays homage to the combination of traditional dishes of the Egyptians and descendants of the Ottoman Empire, pleasing the visitors with an abundance of rice dishes, stuffed pastries and meat cooked on low heat. 

Notices of Mediterranean cuisine are reflected in refreshing salads lavishly flavored with saffron. A traditional dessert of muhalalby, made with milk, is served with 24 carat gold flakes and Turkish sweets. 


The menu of the restaurant fully reflects Dubai's passion for Peruvian cuisine, where the classic genre of meat fillet and seafood mix are served with a touch of Mexican herbs and spices. Traditional Ceviche is still a priority, but accompanied by a spicy tomato sauce with light notes of lemon. 

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